<html></html> - Starts and ends an HTML Document.

<head></head> - This comes before the body of your page. It's where you put META Tags, etc.

<title></title> - This is where the title of your page goes. It goes in the <head></head> tags. This shows up in the bar on top of web browsers.

<body></body> - This is where your main page goes. You put your colors, text, images, Java, etc. here.

<body bgcolor="?"> - You put your background color here.

<body text="?"> - You put your text color here.

<body link="?"> - You put your link color here.

<body alink="?"> - The color of your link when you click it.

<body vlink="?"> - You put the color of your visited linkk after someone has clicked it here.

<body bgcolor="?" text="?" link="?" alink="?" vlink="?"> - The way to start out your <body></body>. Instead of putting <body> then adding all the codes above, use this with having to place 6 different codes.

<pre></pre> - Creates a preformatted text.

<tt></tt> - Creates a typewriter type text.

<i></i> - Creates Italic text.

<b></b> - Creates bold text.

<h1></h1> - Creates the largest headline.

<h6></h6> - Creates the smallest headline.

<cite></cite> - Creates a citation, usually Italic.

<em></em> - Emphasises a word. (Usually bold or Italic)

<strong></strong> - Emphasises a word. (Usually bold or Italic)

<font size="?"></font> - Changes the size of text.

<font color="?"></font> - Changes the color of text.

<font face="?"></font> - Changes the type of text. NOTE: You must have the text in your Windows fonts to see it!

<a href="http://www.yourname.com"></a> - Creates a link.

<a href="mailto: johndoe@yourname.com"></a> - Creates an email link.

<a name="NAME"></a> - Creates a target location within a document.

<a name="#NAME"></a> - Links to that target location from elsewhere in the document.

<p></p> - Creates a new paragraph.

<br> - Inserts a line break.

<p align="?"> - Align's a paragraph on the Left, Center, or Right.

<blockquote></blockquote> - Indents text from both sides.

<dl></dl> - Creates a definition list. 

<dt> - Preceeds each definition term.

<dd> - Preceeds each definition.

<ol></ol> - Creates a numbered list.

<li></li> - Preceeds each list item, and adds a number.

<ul></ul> - Creates a bulleted list.

<div align="?"></div> - Used to format large blocks of HTML.

<img src="http://www.yourname.com/images/name.gif"> - Inserts and image.

<img src="http://www.yourname.com/images/name.gif" align="?"> - Align a image left, center, or right.

<img src="http://www.yourname.com/images/name.gif" border="?"> - Sets a border around an image.

<img src="http://www.yourname.com/images/name.gif" alt="My Picture"> - Sets a text that pops up when mouse is on the image for two seconds.

NOTE: You can also combine these three.

<hr> - Sets a horizontal rule.

<hr size="?"> - Sets the height of the rule.

<hr width="?%"> - Sets the width of the rule by percentage. (EXAMPLE: 100% of page; 75% of page; etc).

<hr noshade> - Creates a rule without a shadow.
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