<table></table> - Starts and ends a table.

<tr></tr> - Starts and ends a table row.

<td></td> - Starts and ends a cell inside the table row.

<th></th> - Sets off the table header.

<table border="#"> - Sets width of border around table cells.

<table cellspacing="#"> - Sets amount of space between table cells.

<table cellpadding="#"> - Set amount of space between a cell's border and it's contents.

<table width=# or %> - Sets width of table in pixels or in page percentage.

<tr align="?"> or <td align="?"> - Sets alignment for cell(s), left, center, or right.

<tr valign="?"> or <td valign="?"> - Sets vertical alignment for cell(s), top, middle, or bottom.

<td colspan="#"> - Sets number of columns a cell should span.

<td rowspan="#"> - Sets number of rows a cell should span. (The default is 1).

<td nowrap> - Prevents the lines in the cell from being broken to fit.
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